It pays to have the right partner with the expertise and desire for success in your corner. Advanced Corporation Group consultants are ready to help you get the most of our your assets and help you create more opportunities for long term growth


We make it easy for you to move past your last deal and unto the next because we eliminate the risk, the waiting game and get you the money, to create the next opportunity, go after that new business, buy more inventory and the new products. 


Our firm helps you get the m oat out of your assets. The ability to get funding for each transaction you close on a timely basis, is like having an unlimited line of credit funded by your receivables. You have the added security of knowing that you are getting the most out of your assets and not over your head


Getting your finances in order by eliminating or reducing the amount of debt on your book, helps to improve your credit because you have more money to pay your suppliers or service other obligations. We assigned a dedicated consultants to work with you to learn  and guide you to develop the right strategy to grow your business.


A roadmap for success includes a reliable and predictable financial plan. Our consultants are available to help you unlock the cash in your business invoices, receivables and improve your capital and business planning